When Lambs Are Silent is a movement committed to the belief that just because the world is the way it is, does not mean it must remain that way. We are dedicated to the idea that change is possible, believing that as human’s we encounter each other through our stories and that in order to challenge the dominate narratives of our society, that we need to do more than just hear the stories of our whanau, we need to listen. For it is in our stories that we fully come to know and understand one another. There are a lot of voices in our society. People speaking for and against ideas, issues, perspectives and … people. Some of these voices are very loud. The media twirling them in to a cacophony that hits us from every angle. Pulling our emotions, thoughts and opinions this way and that. But what about the voices that aren’t so loud. What about the ones that no one is sharing because no one is seeing, that no one discusses because no one hears. WLAS aims to make space for these voices.
2020 When Lambs Are Silent